The Fanfare Diptych

The Fanfare Diptych is a set of two videos created to accompany the two fanfares present in Silo Rumor's third release, Tunnel Vision.

The first, directed by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha himself renders an electric view from the iconic Oporto building responsible for the baptism of our label — the Silo Auto. The second, directed by Diogo Tudela galvanizes a single photograph into a geologic narrative.
Video for Tunnel Vision's first track "Fanfare from the Resonating Concrete Entrance". Directed by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha himself, this piece was shot around the building that is actually responsible for our label's name — the Silo Auto. Enjoy this eerie and electric nocturnal urban landscape. Watch here.
Video for Tunnel Vision's fifth track "Fanfare from the Resonating Geophone". Directed by Diogo Tudela, this piece acquires form through the extrusion and manipulation of a single photograph taken by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha while shooting the skci-fi film "Tunnel Vision" (2013) with Raz Mesinai, back in 2012. Watch here.

Distributed by Cargo UK