As it was once stated by Filipe Silva, a masked member of the Macumbas, within the ensemble’s universe, Brion Gysin plays the role of a saint responsible for working no less than three miracles.

I Creating the Dreamachine.
II Resurrecting and improving the cut-up technique.
III Revealing the Master Musicians of Jajouka to the world.

So, there’s some sort of underlining devout feeling of acknowledgement in the fact that an exclusive version of the third track from the Macumba’s debut album, entitled after the Beat sound poet, got selected by Wire to be included in the 38th installment of their Wire Tapper series. This is the second time that the HHY & The Macumbas get featured on The Wire Tapper, the first being in The Wire Tapper 25 with a version of the track Legba dubbed by their frontman Jonathan Uliel Saldanha.

Distributed by Cargo UK